Mark D. Ross, better known by his stage name Brother Marquis. He appears on every 2 Live Crew album, except for Back at Your Ass for the Nine-4. He is also the last rapper to join the group after Luke Skyywalker.

Mark D. Ross was born in Rochester, New York. He and his mother moved from New York to California, where he created his first two records when he was in 9th grade. He later met Mr. Mixx, who told him that if he ever got on in music he would call him to be part of it. One day at the age of 19, he got a call to come to Miami with Mr. Mixx, Fresh Kid Ice, and Luke Skyywalker and joined 2 Live Crew. The first song he did with the group is Word.[21] Ross had an acting role in the film South Beach (1992) with Fred Williamson.

Prior to joining the 2 Live Crew, Brother Marquis made two 12-inch singles with his former group, The Caution Crew, which also included the rappers Rodney O and C Funk. The first single was named "Westside Storie" and the second "Rhythm Rock".

In 1993, Brother Marquis was a featured guest on the album Home Invasion by Ice-T and made the original version of 99 Problems who was later remade into a major hit by Jay-Z.