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 Born in Shreveport, Louisiana and brought up in South Miami, Dutch Dirty is undoubtedly Dirty South through and through. The only son of a single mother, Dutch was running the streets of Miami at a young age, learning the drug game before he learned to drive. After eventually serving 8 years in prison for Armed Robbery, Dutch found himself at a crossroads; either continue down the path of street living, or find a way out. His escape came through his lyrics. A fellow ex-convict named Jolly Green persuaded Dutch to record his writings in the studio, and those tracks eventually made their way to Trick Daddy, who cosigned him as part of his Dunk Ryders camp. Forever grateful for the Mayor's opportunity, Dutch is now on tour with another legend, JT Money, and was recently featured on the hit single "Super Freak" by Uncle Head (of the mega-group Splack Pack), and currently has a brand new single of his own impacting radio ("WOW" featuring Sekay, Money Mark Diggla & JT Money). His debut album is slated for release in Summer of 2018. Dutch Dirty is currently the newest member of The Bad Boyz Of Bass Tour! Now Part of the SUPA GROUP "BBOB"-"BAD BOYS OF BASS which includes Brother Marques of 2 Live Crew, Uncle Head of Splack Pack, JT Money(Poison Clan) Dutch Dirty(Dunk Rydes) 95 South, Gucci Crew II, DJ Bernard B.


Dutch Dirty

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